Monthly Archives: April 2013

Texting and social media were the best ways to communicate with my family and friends after the Boston Marathon bombing

Yesterday was certainly a sad day for Boston. Our annual party was bombed. At least three people were killed and over 100 injured. Patriots Day and the Marathon will never be the same again; this will always  on our minds as Patriots Day approaches. The rest of this is based on my personal experience; others […]

When it comes to digital marketing, forget industry benchmarks and focus on ROI

Often when I’m talking to a potential new client they’ll ask about industry benchmarks (“Our CTR is two percent, how does that compare to others?” or “Our CPA is $50, how does that stack up to X competitor?”). And the reality is that, unless you are Google, it may be impossible to know how your […]

The oxymoron of content strategy

This post was originally published on the ISITE Design CMS Myth blog. The other day I had the opportunity to connect with Bob Johnson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at IDG Connect after attending a local SMEI Boston meeting. Years before “customer experience” became a household phrase, Bob was VP of the Customer Experience Practice […]