Monthly Archives: December 2013

Researchers claim to discover person whose mind was changed by reading Internet comments

Researchers in Boston today announced that a person has had their mind changed by comments that they read online. Researchers have long theorized that this was possible, but this is the first time that they have actually confirmed in the wild that it has happened. The person in question, Janet Blanding of St. Paul, Minnesota, […]

Use hashtags (duh)

OK, I feel really stupid about this. It’s not like I don’t know about hashtags, and haven’t used them on Twitter for years. (They’ve more recently been added to Facebook, the MeToo Network, but it’s not clear that they’re very popular or effective there.) In general my feeling was that they were best used for […]

Sales tip: How to resuscitate a sales conversation that has flatlined

Very few things in sales are more frustrating than working on a deal for weeks or months and then, before you get a decision, the prospect goes into radio silence. Phone calls aren’t picked up, and  voice mails and emails all go unanswered. I generally respond to all communications on the day that I receive […]

The nitty-gritty of aligning marketing and sales

Zorian Rotenberg is the Vice President of Marketing at InsightSquared, which has developed an easy-to-use marketing and sales analytics SaaS product. Zorian has previously worked at other software companies and helped grow them over 100 percent yearly, some growing in a few years to $100 million in sales, and is working on doing the same […]