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Google Week, Day 5: The Google corporate culture that makes it all possible

This is the conclusion of my five-day series on Google. Previously I’ve looked at Google’s #1 position in search and search advertising, display advertising, mobile search and advertising, video ads, YouTube, and its rising presence in social media (YouTube is both a video and a social media site), and analytics. In an industry that is […]

Google Week, Day 4b: continuously improving your results with Google’s analytical tools

This is a continuation of my five-day series on Google. Previously I’ve looked at Google’s #1 position in search and search advertising, display advertising, mobile search and advertising, and video ads, YouTube, and its rising presence in social media (YouTube is both a video and a social media site). Tomorrow I’ll conclude with a post about Google’s corporate culture.  The […]

Google Week, Day 3: Google dominates mobile even more than desktop

This is the third part of my week-long series on Google. On Monday I talked about Google’s dominant role in search marketing and on Tuesday about Google’s industry-leading display advertising. Tomorrow will be about video, YouTube and social media, and a second post on analytics, and Friday will be about the Google corporate culture and […]

Google Week, Day 2: the opportunity for brands with Google display ads

All this week I’m blogging about Google. Monday’s post was on the central place of search in marketing today. Today’s topic is display: the Google Display Network is the largest network, highly targetable, and has lowest cost of entry. And more. Future posts will be on mobile, video, YouTube, social media, analytics, and the Google […]

Google Week, Day 1: Search marketing

This is Google Week on my blog. While content marketing, social and mobile are getting a lot of the attention in digital marketing these days, Google is still the 1,000-pound gorilla of online marketing — in part because it supports in various ways those new initiatives, too. This week I’ll be posting new thoughts on […]

Recruiting is part of your brand, too

Many, if not most, companies will say that their most valuable asset is their employees — that they value bright, pro-active employees who don’t just check the boxes but bring real additional value to their jobs. And one recruiting consultant recently wrote that companies should treat job candidates as customers, not vendors, “The new big […]

The origin and original goals of “Sales 2.0” — much broader than social selling

“Sales 2.0”, which is often called “social selling”, is one of the hottest topics these days. For example: Jill Rowley, the “Eloqueen” who now heads up social selling enablement at Oracle, says that “ABC” should be redefined from “Always Be Closing” to “Always Be Connecting”, and there’s a downloadable Eloqua Grande Guide to social selling […]

We’re looking for people who want to change everything in sales and marketing

I recently started a LinkedIn group, Sales and Marketing Technology. I hope that you’ll join us. Here’s why: Over the last 20 years the Internet has changed everything in so many industries (I don’t need to go into detail).  Although email/newsletter marketing and the shift of advertising dollars to digital (and especially away from print) […]

Why the marketing for “Anchorman 2” failed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two months, you knew that a new “Anchorman” movie was coming. The marketing campaign was extraordinary, even by Hollywood standards. It included: Ron Burgundy, the lead “Anchorman” character played by Will Ferrell, doing humorous ads for Dodge Durango which were viewed on TV and YouTube […]