Monthly Archives: February 2014

How B2B sales and marketing can reap huge returns from SaaS predictive analytics

B2B predictive analytics is providing double digit increases in leads, opportunities and sales – sometimes high double digits. Early adopters of predictive analytics can reap huge sales increases while their competitors are wondering what hit them. But several years from now predictive analytics is likely to be table stakes – everyone will be doing it, […]

B2B marketers should embrace the challenge to prove contribution to revenue

B2B marketing is at an inflection point and marketers have the opportunity to prove contribution to revenue through development of leads and opportunities. They should embrace this challenge. On the Econsultancy blog I respond to a post on Top Sales World which argues, instead, that B2B marketers should focus on developing “attention” not leads.  

Five keys to unlocking content marketing success

Companies are giving increasing support to content marketing for a number of good reasons. Many of these companies, though, are not getting nearly the return that they could. Here are five keys to making your content marketing program more successful: 1. Create personas 2. Create content to guide buyers throughout their journey 3. Make your […]

Yo! Man up! All companies, not just the NFL, need to embrace diversity

Michael Sam, the Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year, came out on Sunday. If he plays professionally, he will be the first openly gay player in the NFL. Sports Illustrated interviewed 8 NFL executives anonymously on what they thought this announcement would do to his draft prospects. They were uniformly pessimistic, saying that they […]

Enough already with the advertising, Or, How to really annoy your customers

This would seem like common sense, but common sense is not always so common: Don’t advertise so much that you’re annoying your customers. On Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback section, this six minute, twenty-six second video has seven ads for Microsoft Windows: one at the beginning and six fly-ins of a Windows 8-like layout that […]

How I added over 100 Twitter followers in one day, and why I’ll never do that again…

There’s a feeling among many on Twitter that having a large number of followers is good, period. But Twitter is like any other form of communication: each person and company will have its own audience and objectives. For some, having a deep connection with 500 or 1,000 people will be more important and productive than […]

Digital Innovators: the Digital Immigrants who explored and created our modern world

“My grandkids often beat me at Rock Band. And I say, ‘You may beat me at Rock Band, but I made the original records, so shut up!’” – Paul McCartney Often you see the world divided between “digital natives”, the young people who grew up using digital technology and are incredibly comfortable and facile with […]