Monthly Archives: March 2014

Quick wins for new heads of marketing (and everyone else)

I recently wrote about the information a salesperson can learn about a company in just a few minutes before responding to a new inbound lead. Heads of marketing starting at a new company will be faced with many strategic and long-term challenges, but they too have quick-win opportunities that they can take advantage of in […]

Sales tip: present last

Recently S. Anthony Iannarino blogged about “The Case for Presenting Last”.  He starts by saying, “It can be tough to be the last to present”, but I disagree – I relish that position. Whenever given several options on when to present, I always choose the last one. Many companies stretch their meetings with vendors over […]

A digital marketing action plan for small businesses

The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away. For small and mid-sized businesses – including the smallest, which are just one person — the Internet has provided huge advantages. Relatively inexpensively they can create a basic website or blog and potentially reach a global market. They can get up and running on search advertising platforms, […]

Marketers are suffering from Innovation Overload, and what we can do about it

For a long time we’ve been hearing about information overload due to the exponential growth in content available on the Internet and coming at us daily via email, social media, hundreds of TV stations, newspapers and magazines (physical and digital), instant access to almost any book, movie or piece of music, etc. I believe that […]

How to beat your team’s sales quota, part one: Hiring the best people

This is the first part in a series on managing sales to beat the team’s quota. The other posts are on onboarding new reps, setting the quota, culture, managing and coaching, and aligning sales and marketing. Depending on the study that you see, 40-50 percent of B2B salespeople aren’t meeting quota. (These numbers will vary considerably […]

Stories we tell ourselves

I’ve never been a great athlete, but have always been athletic. Or at least that’s the way that I think of it. Growing up in the 800-person farm town of Shannon, Illinois, I spent many summer afternoons playing pickup games of baseball with other boys in the town. We’d gather around one o’clock, pick teams, […]