Monthly Archives: May 2016

Are you losing the sale before the first buying team meeting?

In most companies buying decisions are made by teams of several people. Research by Bob Johnson of IDG Connect and Kim Wallace of Wallace and Washburn shows the critical importance of being a preferred vendor before the team’s very first meeting. In their research of thousands of buyers they found that 97% had a favorite […]

What’s important to you?

Virtually all marketing channels and software programs now provide some data about the results for your campaigns, such as: Email opens, clicks and forwards Online ad impressions and clicks Social media shares, comments, and likes Event and session attendees And that truly is the tip of a very large iceberg. The real question is what’s […]

Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways

Digital marketing is eating the world. We’ve passed peak TV, and mobile and desktop ads are now over 30% of global advertising spend. That means, though, that close to 70% of advertising dollars are still spent on traditional media. The most important question still is: Where is your audience? If you can reach them through […]

I know: you hate remarketing. Get over it.

Remarketing ads are the one that you see after you’ve visited a site. For example, you look at the page for a particular book on Amazon and then you start to see ads for that book on other sites and on Facebook. That’s remarketing. Kind of creepy? Annoying? Maybe. But very effective. Why is remarketing […]

What is 40X more powerful than Facebook?

According to McKinsey, email marketing is 40 times more effective for customer acquisition than social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. I believe it. In overseeing countless email campaigns I’ve seen that an email can generate far more interest and response than social posts targeted to many times more people. After all, your social […]

The most important factor for high search rankings

When trying to improve the search ranking of your website pages keep in mind that Google looks at two major types of influences: off-page and on-page factors. While it’s easier and faster to change on-page factors by posting great content, adding appropriate tags, etc., the off-page factors are more powerful. The primary off-page factor is […]

Attitude is more important than demographics

Many people equate marketing with advertising and promotion. But marketing’s most important role is in understanding the customer and their needs, desires and motivations and working with others in the company to help create the products and services that they’ll pay for. As Seth Godin says, “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for […]

Digital marketing: start with conversion optimization

Want to double your leads? If I was asked to double the number of leads that a company is getting without spending significant additional money, the first thing I’d look at is conversion optimization, because it’s easier to double the number of leads that you’re getting from the people already coming to your website than […]