Monthly Archives: June 2016

Try some marketing moonshots!

You can achieve constant, incremental improvements to your marketing results with tweaking and testing. But just as in the startup world you can sometimes get huge improvements by trying something out of the box. It might be in the area of creative, or offers, or forms, or places to place your ads or content. And […]

Think Small

The 1950s and 60s were dominated by “big ideas” in advertising as advocated by the great David Ogilvy. Companies spent millions of dollars for large national TV buys for The Jolly Green Giant, Maytag repairman, Avis trying harder, never squeezing the Charmin, and the Marlboro Man. Today marketing is characterized by countless small ideas for […]

Two tools to professionalize your social media marketing

You don’t need to post to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms in real time; you can schedule them in advance. There are many tools that support this, including marketing automation platforms and enterprise social media tools. If you’re just getting started with it, though, you might want to check out Hootsuite and Sprout […]

Ride your marketing winners

A common recommendation in investing is to ride your winners and sell your losers, and the same could be said for marketing. (If only we could get someone to pay us anything for our unsuccessful ads and campaigns 😉 You will get lots of feedback on your various campaigns and campaign elements. Use it. If […]

Use Cases: The first step in choosing your marketing technology tools

There are literally thousands of companies providing some flavor of marketing technology in dozens of categories such as software to help manage email marketing, social media, advertising, conversion optimization A/B testing, predictive analytics and on and on. I’ve written reports on martech vendors for The Real Story Group. One of the surprises of a survey […]

What are your customer’s emotional triggers?

People buy with emotion and justify with logic. Sales people have known this forever and good marketers do, too. Bob Johnson at IDG Connect and Kim Wallace of Wallace & Washburn had done research into the behaviors of B2B buyers. They found that in 97% of cases vendors introduced in the first buying team meeting […]

The two most important factors in direct marketing success

A lot of digital marketing is a form of direct marketing. And because of the experience of firms in doing direct mail and other forms of direct marketing we know what are the most important factors in successful direct marketing campaigns. The most important factor is the list: getting your marketing in front of the […]

What are your marketing team’s skills gaps?

Notice that I didn’t ask, “Does your marketing team HAVE skills gaps?” These days it’s virtually impossible for a team to not have some. Just consider some of the many roles that a modern marketing team needs: CMO Chief marketing technologist Cross-channel strategist Creative Director Marketing manager Product marketing manager Campaign manager Website content strategist […]