Monthly Archives: July 2016

Today is the 100th Birthday of Keds


Before women could vote in national elections they got a shoe specifically designed for them: Keds. It’s a classic example of marketing: identify a market segment (middle class women) with a need (a more comfortable shoe), and create a product specifically to meet that need. Keds didn’t try to be everything to everyone, and that was central to its success.
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Consider Adding a Chief Martech


Many companies have created the position of a chief marketing technologist (it may go by different names in different companies).

A chief martech is a person who is equally comfortable and knowledgeable about both marketing and technology. They can act as a link between marketing and IT, explaining the needs of marketing to IT, and the requirements of IT to marketing. Continue reading

How Often Should Your Company Email Its List?


A few years ago I heard the CMO of Vistaprint give a talk and he mentioned that they email customers every day. “I know we’re not supposed to,” he said, “but we’ve found that daily works best for us.”

They’re not alone. HubSpot, which sends out millions of emails for its customers, put out a report saying that companies that email 16-30 times a month have the highest open rates. I receive daily emails from organizations ranging from 1-800-flowers to WGBH. Continue reading

And now your Facebook posts will get even fewer views


A couple weeks ago Facebook made an announcement that they are changing their news feed algorithm to emphasize posts from friends and family over those from brands and publishers because that’s what people prefer to see.

It’s not uncommon for people to Like over 100 brand and interest pages, and the median number of friends is 200. If even a few of those friends are active in posting it’s impossible for a person to see everything. So Facebook needs to prioritize and personalize what you see. Continue reading



It’s one thing to create a marketing strategy based on an understanding of your customer personas and touchpoints, an informed media mix, and constant optimization based on feedback and data. It’s another thing entirely to execute on that.

Many marketing teams start off with the best of intentions but get distracted along the way by shiny objects, competitor efforts — or simply a lack of discipline. Continue reading

The value of increasing customer retention


It’s often said that acquiring new customers is something like five times as expensive as retaining existing ones. As a result customer retention programs tend to be much more profitable than customer acquisition programs. A study by Bain and the Harvard Business School said that increasing customer retention by 5% increased profits by 25-95%. Continue reading