Monthly Archives: August 2016

What Liberty Mutual learned through A/B testing


A/B testing is a traditional technique in direct marketing, and it’s common in digital marketing, too. People test alternate versions of landing pages, images, email subject lines, colors, offers, creative, and on and on. (In some cases when they have large volumes they may do multi-variate testing, too.)

But don’t necessarily assume that just because one option won that it’s always better. Continue reading

What is marketing’s President’s Club?


Many companies have a President’s Club to honor their top sales people. Sales reps who meet, or exceed, quota and other goals such as new business, year-over-year growth, or territory growth get a handshake from the President, CEO or chairman, and rewards can include cash bonuses, trips, and even cars, as well as the public recognition. Multiple President’s Club winners may reap even greater rewards. Continue reading

Would your customers thank you for your content?


The amount of content (blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, market research, etc. etc.) being developed is increasing so rapidly that you could call it a tsunami. Unless you’re one of the fortunate few who’s in an industry where your competitors are not yet generating much content, it gets harder and harder every day to get your content noticed. Continue reading

Three kinds of marketing data


You can use three types of marketing data to enhance your customer and prospect targeting:

  • First party data is your data. It includes previous customer buying history, how a person interacts with your website and emails (what Eloqua calls their digital body language), their attendance on webinars or physical events, and so on. First party data rules, and it’s inexpensive for you to gather and use.
  • Continue reading

Marketing is a profit center


I can’t tell you how many times SMB owners and senior executives have said to me, “We can’t afford to do marketing” as if it were a cost center. Marketing done right returns many times in revenue over what it costs.

Companies aren’t always willing to share their marketing ROI data, but here’s a greenfield example I ran across in the annual report of AFA Protective Systems, a $70 million company that installs fire and burglar alarms and other types of security systems. In their 2014 annual report the CEO wrote: Continue reading