Monthly Archives: August 2016

Use positive messaging


“Never criticize. Never complain.” – Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie’s 80-year-old advice still has merit when it comes to marketing.

It doesn’t take much time on social media to realize that positive, upbeat, inspirational and problem solving posts get the most shares and likes. “How to do X…” marketing posts are very popular. Continue reading

Take a salesperson to lunch


As marketers we should be talking with customers ourselves and bringing research to sales. But whether it’s an enterprise sales rep closing $1 million deals or a retail salesperson in the clothes section helping people buy something that looks good on them, salespeople have orders of magnitude more customer contact than we ever will. So be close to your salespeople and learn from them about your customers. Continue reading

Hyper-target with Twitter ads to Lists


Twitter gives you many options to target your ads including remarketing to your website visitors and targeting based on interest, geography and behavior.

The most specific way to target, though, and to target members of a Twitter List that you created. This can also be an excellent part of your influencer marketing. You can easily create a List by uploading email addresses or other identifying information, or adding Twitter accounts one by one. Continue reading

Go negative to improve Google AdWords


When you start advertising with Google AdWords you’ll probably have pretty broad keyword targeting. What you’ll find is that many people who are seeing your ads – and costing you Benjamins by sometimes clicking on them – are actually looking for things unrelated to your products and services. By systematically weeding out these inappropriate searches you can keep improving on your targeting and ROI. Continue reading

Dimensional direct mail gets the prospect’s attention


Around Christmas it’s not uncommon for companies to send consumers small product samples in the mail. And if you’ve ever owned a small business you’ve probably gotten sample company pens from promo companies. Done more creatively dimensional direct mail is a good way to get the attention of a prospect who has otherwise been ignoring your other marketing. Continue reading

Start your marketing team’s day with a standup meeting


Many marketing teams are adopting the agile methodology as a way to manage their many efforts in today’s rapidly changing marketing world. And many of them report a significant increase in productivity and throughput as a result.

A central component of the agile methodology, for marketing or software, is the daily morning standup meeting. This is a 15-minute standing meeting at the beginning of the day in which each member of the team describes: Continue reading