Monthly Archives: October 2016

Get your website up to speed


Website load speed can be important for two reasons. Google says it can impact search rankings, although SEOs are divided on how much it actually does, and even more directly it affects whether people will wait around for your pages to load – especially on a smartphone. (Remember: mobile now accounts for over half of all Internet traffic.) Continue reading

The value of 84 million Instagram followers


Kim Kardashian West has over 48 million followers on Twitter, 29 million on Facebook and 84 million on Instagram. Even with some overlap among them, that’s a huge following. And even if a post is only displayed to a few percent of her following, which is typical, it will have millions of impressions. She often posts the same content on all three channels, resulting in hundreds of thousands of likes, shares and comments, extending the reach of her posts even further. A single post from her on all three channels has far more impressions than if it were an ad in most publications. Continue reading

Political direct mail


Yesterday I wrote about direct mail Christmas catalogs. Today’s marketing tip about the use of direct mail in political campaigns – ‘tis the season.

Direct mail has not declined in politics in the way that it has in the catalog business; in fact, some estimates say that its use continues to increase. Obama and Romney spent over $200 million on direct mail and printing in 2012. Continue reading

It’s direct mail season


With Christmas now less than three months off, our mailboxes are increasingly filled with catalogs. (And I’m not going to say that these are “holiday” catalogs; if Christmas didn’t exist we wouldn’t be seeing this surge.)

The number of catalogs is certainly less than it once was. According to the Direct Marketing Association it peaked in 2007 with over 19.6 billion catalogs being mailed. Despite a small uptick in 2013 by last year it was down to 10.6 billion. That’s still a lot of trees. Continue reading