Amplify Your Events with Social Media


You can amplify the impact of your physical events via social media if you do just these three things:

  1. Provide Wi-Fi so people can be online with their tablets and computers when at your event. If your event is deep inside a hotel or conference facility even smartphones may need Wi-Fi to get online.
  2. Make the Wi-Fi login information prominently available. It should be on screen when people enter the event rooms. You may also want to include it in your physical event handouts.
  3. Create an event hashtag and promote it aggressively. Again, you can have the hashtag on screen when people enter rooms. Some conferences even go so far as to put it at the bottom of every presentation slide.

When you start the first session and welcome people you should point out the Wi-Fi login and hashtag information, too.

Only providing the Wi-Fi may cost you money. Making the Wi-Fi login information readily available and promoting the hashtag cost you nothing. But if you do this not will people at the event be able to easily see the comments of others, and learn about the best sessions, but many people not at the event will learn about it and what you’re talking about, too.

Bonus Event Tip: Put your most prominent speakers at the end of the day. When Oprah spoke at a conference I was attending she was the last person on the agenda; people didn’t leave early. The GOP made a classic mistake last week by having Melania Trump talk in the middle of the evening. (Ok, there were some other problems, too.) As soon as she was done people started leaving the hall and by the time rising star Iowa Senator Joni Ernst spoke this is what the hall looked like:

RNC Joni Ernst speaking to nearly empty auditorium