Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways


Digital marketing is eating the world. We’ve passed peak TV, and mobile and desktop ads are now over 30% of global advertising spend.

That means, though, that close to 70% of advertising dollars are still spent on traditional media.

The most important question still is: Where is your audience?

If you can reach them through a print publication, or a newsletter, or direct mail – or even teleprospecting – use it. This is a display ad takeover for Google Apps for Work in Boston’s South Station – and Google has virtually unlimited free, online advertising at its disposal!

Boston South Station ad takeover
And this is one of the wacky TV ads that Slack is currently running.

What works for you? A huge amount of marketing dollars are moving toward social media, even though for most companies other channels are still more effective. And traditional media outlets with flat or declining revenue may be eager to give you a good deal.

Don’t follow the herd. Do what works for you.