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AT&T pays 3.5 million Google AdWords clicks for stadium naming rights

AT&T has bought the naming rights to the Dallas Cowboys football stadium. Reportedly they are paying about $18 million a year for the rights. It is one of the biggest naming rights deals. Companies that buy stadium naming rights will tell their shareholders that it’s great for brand building, but in many cases these deals […]

When it comes to digital marketing, forget industry benchmarks and focus on ROI

Often when I’m talking to a potential new client they’ll ask about industry benchmarks (“Our CTR is two percent, how does that compare to others?” or “Our CPA is $50, how does that stack up to X competitor?”). And the reality is that, unless you are Google, it may be impossible to know how your […]

Online marketing begins with listening

Contrary to the Alec Baldwin, TV/movie stereotype of sales people, the number one skill of successful sales people is listening. Only by listening can you find out what the prospect wants (in addition to their needs), shape a solution and overcome their objections. We’ve all experienced clueless sales people who just launch into their pitch […]