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It’s one thing to create a marketing strategy based on an understanding of your customer personas and touchpoints, an informed media mix, and constant optimization based on feedback and data. It’s another thing entirely to execute on that.

Many marketing teams start off with the best of intentions but get distracted along the way by shiny objects, competitor efforts — or simply a lack of discipline. Continue reading

Are many CEOs out of touch with what’s happening on the ground in their companies?


flying-blind-movie-poster- 190You don’t need a very large organization for the CEO to be several levels removed from the people who have day-to-day interactions with customers, and with those customers. And even in small companies the CEO and other senior executives may be hearing the good news that people think they want to hear, not the sometimes uncomfortable truth. Continue reading

Google Week, Day 5: The Google corporate culture that makes it all possible


Google staff people - GooglersThis is the conclusion of my five-day series on Google. Previously I’ve looked at Google’s #1 position in search and search advertising, display advertising, mobile search and advertising, video ads, YouTube, and its rising presence in social media (YouTube is both a video and a social media site), and analytics. Continue reading