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How to beat your team’s sales quota, part one: Hiring the best people

This is the first part in a series on managing sales to beat the team’s quota. The other posts are on onboarding new reps, setting the quota, culture, managing and coaching, and aligning sales and marketing. Depending on the study that you see, 40-50 percent of B2B salespeople aren’t meeting quota. (These numbers will vary considerably […]

The nitty-gritty of aligning marketing and sales

Zorian Rotenberg is the Vice President of Marketing at InsightSquared, which has developed an easy-to-use marketing and sales analytics SaaS product. Zorian has previously worked at other software companies and helped grow them over 100 percent yearly, some growing in a few years to $100 million in sales, and is working on doing the same […]

Increasing leads and sales with social selling

The Internet has dramatically changed the customer journey for B2B and B2C customers. In some B2C industries it’s virtually eliminated the function of the sales person (remember travel agents?), and in others it’s presented sales people with a far more educated prospect and complex sales process. Sales 2.0, or social selling, “brings together productivity tools […]

The oxymoron of content strategy

This post was originally published on the ISITE Design CMS Myth blog. The other day I had the opportunity to connect with Bob Johnson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at IDG Connect after attending a local SMEI Boston meeting. Years before “customer experience” became a household phrase, Bob was VP of the Customer Experience Practice […]