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Interview with Jill Rowley: Social selling – the intersection of sales and marketing

A shorter, edited version of this interview appears on the IDG Connect Marketers blog. Social selling lives at the interaction of sales and marketing and Jill Rowley has become one of its most public and vocal proponents. Jill started her sales career at in 2000 when it was a start-up and she was new […]

Sales tip: present last

Recently S. Anthony Iannarino blogged about “The Case for Presenting Last”.  He starts by saying, “It can be tough to be the last to present”, but I disagree – I relish that position. Whenever given several options on when to present, I always choose the last one. Many companies stretch their meetings with vendors over […]

Sales tip: How to resuscitate a sales conversation that has flatlined

Very few things in sales are more frustrating than working on a deal for weeks or months and then, before you get a decision, the prospect goes into radio silence. Phone calls aren’t picked up, and  voice mails and emails all go unanswered. I generally respond to all communications on the day that I receive […]