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Interview with Jill Rowley: Social selling – the intersection of sales and marketing

A shorter, edited version of this interview appears on the IDG Connect Marketers blog. Social selling lives at the interaction of sales and marketing and Jill Rowley has become one of its most public and vocal proponents. Jill started her sales career at in 2000 when it was a start-up and she was new […]

Why sales reps should blog. And tweet. And follow. And…

Sales reps are busy people, right? We need to be spending all of our time researching, cold calling, and meeting with prospects, right? Wrong. We also need to actively participate in the online conversation. Sales reps should blog for several reasons. For of all, to write an original post you need to keep up with […]

Increasing leads and sales with social selling

The Internet has dramatically changed the customer journey for B2B and B2C customers. In some B2C industries it’s virtually eliminated the function of the sales person (remember travel agents?), and in others it’s presented sales people with a far more educated prospect and complex sales process. Sales 2.0, or social selling, “brings together productivity tools […]