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Three ways to get an influencer to promote your product

Influencer marketing involves getting key industry influencers to promote your products. Every industry has influencers. They can include reporters, analysts, VCs, etc. In this tip I’m talking about social media influencers. Getting Kim Kardashian West, with her 46 million Twitter followers, to carry your brand’s handbag into an event is an example of influencer marketing. […]

HubSpot IPO highlights the challenge for all marketing technology companies

Congratulations to HubSpot — yesterday they filed a $100 million IPO. Over the past 8 years the people at HubSpot have grown a company known for its terrific product and culture. That’s a real accomplishment. At the same time, HubSpot faces the challenge of all marketing technology companies: the low adoption rates for their products. […]

Ann Handley interview: Content marketing is still the best way for a brand to tell its own story

Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs. In fact, as far as she knows she was the first person in the world with the title Chief Content Officer. She is the co-author of Content Rules and the author of Everybody Writes, which is due out this September. A shorter version of this interview […]

Capitalists who are afraid of competition

Question to W.C. Fields during a poker game, “Is this a game of chance?” Response from Fields, “Not the way that I play it.” Imagine for a moment how history would have been different if… Horse and buggy companies had successfully lobbied against those noisy, polluting new automobiles Movie companies had lobbied against television, and […]