What are your customer’s emotional triggers?


People buy with emotion and justify with logic. Sales people have known this forever and good marketers do, too.

Bob Johnson at IDG Connect and Kim Wallace of Wallace & Washburn had done research into the behaviors of B2B buyers. They found that in 97% of cases vendors introduced in the first buying team meeting were the ones that made it to the short list, so if you weren’t a pre-favorite it was almost impossible to get in on the opportunity later. Marketing is critical for becoming a pre-favorite.

Understanding the emotional triggers of buyers is a central part of this, too. Risk reduction is a classic B2B emotion, which is why for decades “no one was ever fired for buying IBM”. ROI may not be the top consideration; it may be superseded by emotions such as ease of use or the promise of hassle-free implementation.

The emotions that are paramount to buyers in your industry can only be learned by asking them, by doing in-depth market research. Then your marketing needs to include emotional trigger phrases such as “on-time implementation” and “easy to use” to win them over and get your sales people in the door.