Digital marketing: start with conversion optimization


Want to double your leads? If I was asked to double the number of leads that a company is getting without spending significant additional money, the first thing I’d look at is conversion optimization, because it’s easier to double the number of leads that you’re getting from the people already coming to your website than it is to double the number of people coming to it.

So before you spend a minute (or a dime) on any other demand generation efforts first improve your website’s conversion optimization.

What is conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization is the practice of improving your website so that a higher percentage of people who come to it do what you want them to, whether that’s buy your product on an ecommerce site, request a quote, sign up for a webinar, download an infographic – whatever. (For a lengthier guide, check out my blog post on conversion optimization.)

For example, if you’re running ads, or social media campaigns, don’t direct people to your home page; direct them to a specific landing page for that campaign. A rough industry average is that only 3% of people who visit a landing page fill it out, but you can double that, or more, with better offers and design, as I explain in the blog post.

So the core to campaign conversion optimization is:

  1. Figure out your goals
  2. Create offers (webinars, games, videos, 20% off, etc.) that are valuable to your customers
  3. Create landing pages that are well-designed and easy for them to complete
  4. Test, test, test

Then look at your entire website. How are you encouraging people to start to engage with you? How can you improve that?