The two most important factors in direct marketing success


A lot of digital marketing is a form of direct marketing. And because of the experience of firms in doing direct mail and other forms of direct marketing we know what are the most important factors in successful direct marketing campaigns.

The most important factor is the list: getting your marketing in front of the right people. And the second most important factor is the offer (20% off! Free webinar! Download an infographic!)

And I think of the “list” very broadly: it’s how you use all of your data and tools to target your audience.

The creative execution can certainly move the needle, and direct marketers test for different word choices, images, colors, layouts, and so on. But the list and offer are far more important.

As you consider your marketing programs consider how the different channels and tools enable you to get in front of the people that would buy from you, and to measure the effectiveness of your different offers.