Email needs a Like button


Like button

This idea is so simple that it’s hard to believe that Microsoft or Google or Yahoo – anyone – hasn’t done this yet, but email needs a Like button. This is not to share it to Facebook or another social site, but to let the sender and others who received the email know that you like or agree with it. It would really help cut down on Inbox clutter.

We’ve all been there. We get an email that was sent to a big group of people. And it may be suggesting all going out for a beer after work, or letting people know that someone received a promotion or won an award. Or it may simply be announcing that a meeting has been pushed back 15 minutes — whatever. And combining that big To list with Reply All abuse, now dozens of emails quickly fill up the inboxes of dozens of people with no more content than “I’m in”, “Congrats!”, “Woot!”, “Thanks” or “got it”.

How much simpler it would be if people could just click a Like button when they received the original email. Then the sender and anyone who received it could see who liked it, sort of like how you can see who has accepted a meeting invite. Quick, easy, and far fewer minimal-content emails cluttering up our inboxes.


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