How to advertise to your house email list on Facebook


When people see your messages multiple times in multiple places they are typically more effective. One cross-channel opportunity is to advertise to your prospect or customer list with Facebook’s Custom Audience feature.

Upload your customers’ email addresses or phone numbers into Facebook Custom Audiences and it will match them with its members (for privacy reasons it deletes immediately ones that it doesn’t already have).

This may work better for B2C companies than B2B ones, but B2B lists may get a substantial match because even if the person’s Facebook account uses a personal email they may have used a business email as a secondary one on their account, or may have their phone number listed.

The most basic way to use this type of Custom Audience is to target your ads to them on Facebook, Instagram or on the Facebook Audience Network. You can advertise an upcoming event, or to come to your website for a special offer, or to like your Facebook page.

There are other ways to create Custom Audiences, too, such as with retargeting pixels and mobile apps.

Like Google, Facebook has grown into a treasure trove of advertising opportunities. Between the two of them it’s estimated that they account for 85% of online advertising revenue. Facebook Custom Audiences is one way to make that dominance work for you.