Google: Marketing is more than AdWords and SEO


Google digital billboard in Boston South StationFor years Google has been proving by example that it believes in traditional marketing channels.

 It has delivered some very moving TV commercials. And recently it took over Boston’s South Station for a month with a “station domination” billboard strategy, buying up every available square inch to promote its Google apps.

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2 thoughts on “Google: Marketing is more than AdWords and SEO

  1. Stephanie Riggs

    Google is considered a best place for advertisement and marketing of your business, products and services. Some people just focus upon Google AdWords and SEO but there are other methods of marketing also available. I read the complete article from the given link which is clearly mentioning some great ways of marketing other than digital marketing which has great values for your business and brand development.

  2. Louis Gudema Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Stephanie. Given the complex journey of today’s buyers, we definitely need to be doing omni-channel marketing that takes full advantage of online and off-line channels

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