How to market around Halloween


Brands market around many holidays, and Halloween is a leader. And it’s not just about selling hundreds of millions of miniature candy bars.

Of course each holiday has its own particular emotional resonance, and commercial opportunities. For Halloween the emotion that brands typically go with is “scary fun”.

British supermarket chain Tesco produced a Halloween video in 2014, “Spookermarket”, that attracted over one million views in the first five days; viewship to date has been close to 2.5 million. It nicely combines scary and whimsical.

Ford produced a memorable campaign with their spooky Halloween car wash prank. They converted a car wash into a house of horrors and scared people going through. It probably didn’t directly sell a single car, or Escape SUV, but it’s been viewed over 1.8 million times in two years.

Many companies use Halloween to loosen their dress codes and play dress up. At machine vision company Cognex Halloween is their “official holliday – employees are required to dress up!

If you didn’t do a Halloween promotion this year, don’t be scared. Thanksgiving is only a month away. And then Christmas. And New Year’s, etc. And Halloween will be rolling around again right on schedule next year.