I know: you hate remarketing. Get over it.


Remarketing ads are the one that you see after you’ve visited a site. For example, you look at the page for a particular book on Amazon and then you start to see ads for that book on other sites and on Facebook. That’s remarketing.

Kind of creepy? Annoying? Maybe. But very effective.

Why is remarketing so effective? Because you’re only advertising to people who have shown enough interest in you that they’ve already come to your website. And you only pay for remarketing ads when people click on them, so you can get thousands of impressions without paying anything for them. The cost per thousand impressions — a common pricing method for display ads — can be very low.

And you can be very specific about the ads. If someone visited a page about a particular product or service, show them ads just for that.

You can run remarketing programs through Google and Facebook and other services.

To cut down on the creep factor, limit how often they’ll see your campaign to, for example, three times a day. And discontinue it after two to four weeks.

You may not like them, but remarketing ads work.