Try some marketing moonshots!


moonshot 190You can achieve constant, incremental improvements to your marketing results with tweaking and testing. But just as in the startup world you can sometimes get huge improvements by trying something out of the box. It might be in the area of creative, or offers, or forms, or places to place your ads or content.

And marketing moonshots don’t necessarily have to be expensive. You can initially test the new ads and offers, etc., on just a small part of your market to see how they respond.

Startups like to think of how they can produce a 10X improvement in the market that they’re entering. How could you create a 10X improvement in your marketing results?

Sure some – maybe most – of your moonshots will fail. But some will produce modest results and a few may create those great returns that justify the entire effort.

Tired of the same old same old? Does your marketing look a bit too much like your competitors? Be a contrarian. Try some moonshots!