What is marketing’s President’s Club?


Many companies have a President’s Club to honor their top sales people. Sales reps who meet, or exceed, quota and other goals such as new business, year-over-year growth, or territory growth get a handshake from the President, CEO or chairman, and rewards can include cash bonuses, trips, and even cars, as well as the public recognition. Multiple President’s Club winners may reap even greater rewards.

So where is the President’s Club for marketing?

Presumably the whole point of the President’s Club is to reward people who make a major contribution to growing the company’s revenue. And marketing can – should – make significant contributions to that growth, too.

But marketing is a team sport. To make just a modest campaign work can involve strategists, designers, writers, email marketers, social media managers, conversion optimization specialists, event managers and more. As in the creation of a movie, you need top contributors in many positions for it to be successful; just one or two weak links can cause the whole effort to come crashing down.

As we use data more and more we can see where results in a particular area improved by 25, 50, 100 percent or more. And those contribute to the marketing flywheel of success spinning faster and faster, generating more and more qualified leads – so company revenue can go up and those sales reps can win more awards.

So outstanding performers in marketing may not get the trips and cars, but hopefully in your company or agency they’re being recognized in other ways. If you’re a marketing manager, it’s important that you see that they do.