What are your marketing team’s skills gaps?


Notice that I didn’t ask, “Does your marketing team HAVE skills gaps?” These days it’s virtually impossible for a team to not have some.

Just consider some of the many roles that a modern marketing team needs:

  • CMO
  • Chief marketing technologist
  • Cross-channel strategist
  • Creative Director
  • Marketing manager
  • Product marketing manager
  • Campaign manager
  • Website content strategist
  • Director and coordinators of search marketing (paid and SEO)
  • Director and coordinators of social media marketing
  • Director and coordinators of email marketing
  • Event managers and coordinators
  • Media planners
  • Graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Interactive developers
  • Marketing automation manager
  • Web developers
  • Data analyst

…and on and on.

Most marketing groups will fill these positions through a combination of staff, contractors, agencies and consultants.

Understanding your team’s skills, where their gaps are, and how your staff needs to be trained, expanded or supplemented is essential to successful marketing today.