Tell Me a Story


Stories are far better at activating the emotions of customers than data. People are built to respond to stories. So put your messages into a narrative.

Some of the best, recent Super Bowl ads tell stories:

Ads with humor almost by necessity have to include a story.

Customer case studies are a slam dunk for storytelling. I shot customer success videos all over the world for Lotus and IBM using the formula:

  • What was the customer problem
  • What did Lotus and IBM do to solve it
  • What impact did it have for the customer

You can use this formula in video or print case studies to communicate memorable narratives for your company.

Your company no doubt has many other stories to tell:

  • Why was the company founded and what are its values
  • What’s the background of your team? Why are they committed to your company values? How do they express that in their work for customers?
  • Why did you decide to develop a new product or service
  • What’s your internal process for developing products
  • What are examples of your customer support team providing outstanding service

Data may sometimes be as or more effective when communicating with engineers or other very technical people. But for everyone else, tell a story.