I help companies significantly increase revenue by using my Bullseye Marketing Framework to develop and implement successful strategic marketing and business development programs. I’ve worked with companies from startups — tripling the revenue of one in 18 months — to the Fortune 10, providing measurable improvements across their entire revenue cycle.

In my Marketing Strategy Sprint I lead a one-day workshop for a company’s (or product’s) senior team to help them

  • Focus their competitive positioning
  • Define their marketing and sales goals
  • Analyze marketing channel opportunities
  • Plan on the development of the marketing team and technologies
  • Create a 12-month Bullseye Marketing rollout calendar.

It is not expected that all questions will be answered and decisions made in eight hours, so the workshop will also identify issues that need further discussion going forward.

The CEO of one company that did a Marketing Strategy Sprint said, “It was most helpful to us to have the background information as to why the solutions you mentioned are important as it gives us a better understanding of the tasks at hand. Your presentation and report were comprehensive, and we feel empowered to take on this phase of our business with great confidence.”

I also work with companies as a fractional VP of Marketing.

Please contact me to talk about how I can help your company grow faster.