“We have invited Louis Gudema to speak at several NEDMA conferences because the feedback from the audiences is excellent. Louis is very knowledgeable about the content of his presentations and conveys that experience and knowledge to the audience. He has a relaxed, comfortable presentation style that is effective with audiences from 20 to 200 and is generous in answering questions and engaging with the audience both during and after the presentation. He is a delight to work with and we look forward to having him speak again soon.”
– Pat Lee
Managing Director
New England Direct Marketing Association

I am available for speaking on a wide range of topics related to business and revenue generation including:

  • Generating More Leads with Marketing Tech
  • How Marketers can Make Themselves More Valuable to the CEO and CFO
  • Generating Revenue: A Small Business Digital Marketing Action Plan
  • How Marketers Can Deal with Innovation Overload
  • Five Steps to Beating Your Team’s Sales Quota
  • The Low Adoption Rate of Marketing Technology: What’s causing it, what it means, and what we can do about it

“I found the workshop to be thought-provoking, informative and incredibly valuable – thank you! ”
– Participant in demand generation workshop

““Louis Gudema did a great job speaking for MENG-Boston. His material was presented in a compelling way and provided thought-provoking and useful information.”
– Steve Markman
Marketing Executives Networking Group

“We recently had the pleasure of hosting Louis Gudema as a guest speaker for our monthly series. As as conference professional, I’ve worked with a who’s who of world-class presenters. Trust me: Louis can hold his own against most all of them. His manner is disarming. His respect for the audience’s intelligence, heartening. And his mastery of subject matter, broad and deep. Louis introduced a perspective that crept up on the audience until, like a wave through the room, everyone had an A-Ha moment putting the pieces together for themselves and owning the concept. Louis has a true gift for presenting complex ideas in a way that makes sense. I’d bring him back for another talk in a heartbeat.”
– Kim Novick
Concord Mafia

Recent and upcoming talks include:

  • “”How Marketers Can Improve Their Value to the CEO and CFO” national MENGinar for MENG, and talk at NEDMA Innovations Syposium
  • National Webinar for Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) on “Five Steps to Beating Your Team’s Sales Quota” (register here)
  • Marketing Executives Networking Group-Boston (MENG) on “Producing Business Results while Dealing with Innovation Overload”
  • Worcester Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

“I enjoyed your presentation.  It is easy to enjoy presentations that are delivered with your level of enthusiasm.”
– Audience member.

Other recent talks have included:

  • Financial Management Association of New Hampshire, “How CFOs and CMOs can Work Together Better to Generate Revenue”
  • Sales & Marketing Innovators, “Why Aren’t More Companies Using Marketing Technology?”
  • Interviewed by Laurie McCabe, co-founder and IT Analyst at the SMB Group
  • “Revenue opportunities for Small and Mid-Market Companies” (reaction: “Your presentation was excellent.”)
  • “How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job” Participant ratings: Extremely Helpful: 12 | Very Helpful: 18 | Helpful: 15 | Not Helpful: 2
  • Social Selling” 
  • Leading a participatory session on B2B sales at the MassTLC unConference

Please contact me about speaking to your group.


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