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Are you losing the sale before the first buying team meeting?

In most companies buying decisions are made by teams of several people. Research by Bob Johnson of IDG Connect and Kim Wallace of Wallace and Washburn shows the critical importance of being a preferred vendor before the team’s very first meeting. In their research of thousands of buyers they found that 97% had a favorite […]

Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways

Digital marketing is eating the world. We’ve passed peak TV, and mobile and desktop ads are now over 30% of global advertising spend. That means, though, that close to 70% of advertising dollars are still spent on traditional media. The most important question still is: Where is your audience? If you can reach them through […]

Addressing the 21st Century marketing landscape: an interview with Jeanne Hopkins

I recently talked with Jeanne Hopkins, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Continuum. Jeanne has previously served as EVP and CMO at SmartBear Software, VP of Marketing at HubSpot, and in other marketing leadership roles. She has been named one of the most influential people in sales lead management by the Sales Lead […]

Marketers are suffering from Innovation Overload, and what we can do about it

For a long time we’ve been hearing about information overload due to the exponential growth in content available on the Internet and coming at us daily via email, social media, hundreds of TV stations, newspapers and magazines (physical and digital), instant access to almost any book, movie or piece of music, etc. I believe that […]

Google: Marketing is more than AdWords and SEO

For years Google has been proving by example that it believes in traditional marketing channels. It has delivered some very moving TV commercials. And recently it took over Boston’s South Station for a month with a “station domination” billboard strategy, buying up every available square inch to promote its Google apps. You can read the full post on the […]