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download sales and marketing best practices ebook

Download “Modern Sales and Marketing Best Practices” ebook

If you want to know how to increase the revenue of your company, download this free ebook from the revenueassociates.biz website. These 10 people are experts in sales and marketing and have helped rapidly grow such companies as HubSpot, Eloqua, MarketingProfs, and many others. Here are just a few examples of their ideas: This ebook […]

Three kinds of marketing data

You can use three types of marketing data to enhance your customer and prospect targeting: First party data is your data. It includes previous customer buying history, how a person interacts with your website and emails (what Eloqua calls their digital body language), their attendance on webinars or physical events, and so on. First party […]

Focus your home page message

Can people tell what your company does in just a few seconds after getting to your website? And why they should care? It’s important that they can. The home pages of many websites suffer from diffuse messaging. This is often the result of internal political struggles over that most valuable of Internet real estate. One […]

Internet data are not absolutely reliable

While we are being flooded with a tsunami of data, and increasingly rely upon it to make crucial marketing decisions, at the same time we need to understand that the data that we get from many online sources are not absolutely reliable, although they probably are relatively reliable. I’ll explain the difference shortly. In terms […]

Use Trello to manage marketing team tasks

Trello is an easy to use, intuitive tool for managing marketing team tasks, especially if you’re using the agile methodology. In Trello you create a list for each sprint, or whatever time period you use to manage projects. Then you create a card for each task, and can assign people and make notes on each […]

Predictive analytics can significantly improve marketing targeting

We’ve all experienced predictive analytics: it’s the data science used to make personalized product recommendations for you on Amazon, Netflix and other sites. And predictive analytics is way ahead of lead scoring in helping companies close new business. Large B2B and B2C companies have been using predictive analytics (PA) for years to better prioritize sales […]

Use positive messaging

“Never criticize. Never complain.” – Dale Carnegie Dale Carnegie’s 80-year-old advice still has merit when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t take much time on social media to realize that positive, upbeat, inspirational and problem solving posts get the most shares and likes. “How to do X…” marketing posts are very popular. Nothing negative about […]

Use agile sprints to manage your marketing team’s work

The majority of marketers who adopt the agile methodology report that their teams are more productive, get campaigns to market faster, and improve their business results. Employees also often report significant satisfaction with the agile method. A key organizational principle of agile marketing is the sprint. Agile marketers typically break their work into 2-4 week […]

Take a salesperson to lunch

As marketers we should be talking with customers ourselves and bringing research to sales. But whether it’s an enterprise sales rep closing $1 million deals or a retail salesperson in the clothes section helping people buy something that looks good on them, salespeople have orders of magnitude more customer contact than we ever will. So […]