The death of the Ringling Brothers brand

A few days ago the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced that it is closing down. The combined circuses have been operating in one form or another for 146 years. There was a time when they and other circuses were a big deal, showing their audiences animals and acts from exotic places that […]

Get your daily marketing tip

Since May, 2016, I’ve been sending a daily marketing tip to hundreds of people who signed up. They seem to find them very useful — I get lots of comments and very few unsubscribes. Here’s some of the feedback that I’ve received: “Thanks for sending these. Very helpful.” “I really like these emails. It’s a […]

How to market around Halloween

Brands market around many holidays, and Halloween is a leader. And it’s not just about selling hundreds of millions of miniature candy bars. Of course each holiday has its own particular emotional resonance, and commercial opportunities. For Halloween the emotion that brands typically go with is “scary fun”. British supermarket chain Tesco produced a Halloween […]

The sunset of Vine

Twitter has announced that it’s phasing out its six-second video tool, Vine. It’s not that Vine wasn’t popular. In 2015 Twitter announced that it was displaying 1.5 billion vine loops every day. But since Vine defaults to looping, the actual number of people watching may have been considerably lower. The main problem was that Vine […]

How to audit your content

A critical early step in developing a content strategy and calendar is auditing your existing content. Typically organizations have way more content than they realize in the form of web pages, social media posts, white papers, blog posts, webinars, videos, and so forth. And much that they’re aware of may not be being used to […]

Use SMS marketing

SMS marketing, commonly known as text marketing, let’s you take advantage of the platform in your customer’s pocket and purse: their smartphone. Over 95% of texts are read. Can you claim that for your other marketing channels? (SMS means “Short Message Service”.) Of course the very first thing you need is permission from people to […]

Start with just a few personas

A couple weeks ago I wrote about creating customer personas. These are an important tool in understanding your customers and passing that understanding on to the marketing team. Don’t create too many personas, though, if you’re just starting out: three to five personas will be plenty, if not too many. Personas will be behind much […]

How long will this marketing stuff take anyway?

Some people and companies are reluctant to build up their marketing programs because they think they won’t see results very quickly (or at all). Are they being asked to spend money for months without knowing if it’s making any difference? Some marketing strategies, like search engine optimization, can take a while to show results. Other […]

Create a social media policy for your company

Social media can be a great opportunity for companies, but it is also a potential minefield. Many companies and individuals have found that even a single poorly thought out post or tweet can quickly go viral, causing major damage to their brand. Every company that operates on social media should have a social media policy. […]